The Marriage Application Process in Greenville, SC


All requests for a Marriage License in Greenville County must be made in person by both parties getting married.  There are additional options for picking up the license once applied for, such as… Continue reading

Notary Public Blog of Sonita M. Leak, CNSA | Treat Yourself – Take Time Out of Your Day to Refresh


If I spent every waking hour of the day working and not getting my much needed rest, I would be a ball of nerves, tired all the time and just plain unhealthy. There’s just no way I could let that happen dealing with multiple children and multiple responsibilities. My advice for the day? Continue reading

Notary Public Blog and Podcast of Sonita M. Leak, CNSA | New Year, New You, New Revelation: Pursue Success in 2019


Pursuing success has little to do with business. Pursuing success in all areas of your life should be your ultimate goal. Let this be your motivation for a successful 2019 and thereafter. Being a fighter, there are many battles. On … Continue reading