864.214.6447 – Notary Public for Quicken Loan Document on October 15, 2013

A Notary Public was called and completed an assignment on behalf of JMT Document Services in Greer, South Carolina on Tuesday, ¬†October 15, 2013. Thank you, JMT for affording us the opportunity to service your clients’ needs.

Notarization of Real Estate Documents on Behalf of a Borrower

A real estate document pertaining to an out-of-state property was signed and completed on October 7, 2013. Thank you JMT for the assignment.

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Seller Side Documents on Behalf of Ohio Real Title

ohiorealtitleA Seller-Side document was witnessed, signed and notarized in Greenville, SC on behalf of Ohio Real Title on Monday, October 7, 2013. Thank you to Ohio Title for allowing us to serve your client!