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January 19, 2018

Notary Blog: Did You Know That Some Notaries Public Are Also Tax Preparers?

Don’t forget, Tax Day is April 18th this year!

Did you know that some Notaries’ Public are also Tax Preparers?

Don’t believe me?  Just ask local Greenville, South Carolina Notary Public, Owner of Upstate Mobile Notaries, LLC. and Liberty Tax Preparer Bethinina Gary.

Think it’s just a local thing?  Think again.  David M. Green EA CMNP CQPA CNSA CPP, who can now claim Distinguished Speaker of the National Notary Association Conference Series, runs a tax preparation service in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

In Bethinina’s experience as a tax preparer she states, “When people come in to have items notarized, they are rarely in relation to taxes. I’ve run into a handful of people this tax year thus far in need of a notary.”

Remember folks, as much as I love performing notary work, there are multiple options on having your documents notarized, especially during business hours when someone at your place of business, the bank, or even a tax preparation office may have a Notary Public on hand.

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