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January 19, 2018

Notary Public Blog of Sonita M. Leak, CNSA | It’s the Mon… er Wednesday After Independence Day. BACK TO WORK!

So, along the way to your family barbecue, you realized that you didn’t get those important documents signed, sealed nor delivered. That’s quite alright with us. You can get it done today. GreenvilleNotary.com is open early and after hours on MOST DAYS.

Need a document signed, signature notarized and then scanned or faxed to the requesting source?  Call 864.214.6447.
Don’t let that hangover stop you! Get it – Signed. Sealed. Delivered. Today.

Need it shipped off? Not a problem, I do that too. You can review my pricing by clicking on the ‘Book Your Appointment’ tab in the top Main Menu of GreenvilleNotary.com.

By the State of South Carolina’s notarial rules, Notaries Public acting on behalf of their clients for notarial acts cannot charge more than $5 per act. Any outside fees must be stated and/or posted separately.

Happy Wednesday!


Sonita M. Leak
Owner, GreenvilleNotary.com

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