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February 25, 2018

Notary Public Blog of Sonita M. Leak, CNSA | Swearing-In Is a Part of Our Duties As Notaries Public

Did you know that a Notary Public can swear in witnesses to depositions attending court cases via teleconference?

In all of my many years as a Notary Public, this has been a task I’ve had the pleasure of having approximately 6 times during the course of my career. Some articles published, discuss a few of the Oath and Affirmations I’ve conducted, even one at the location now known as CRAVE COFFEE.

You can view OTHER Swearing-In posts by clicking HERE or by Copying and Pasting the following:


Whether you have recently moved and a matter began and is continuing in another jurisdiction, are party to a class-action lawsuit that originated in another jurisdiction, or were called to appear in a matter that occurred in another jurisdiction, your appearance may be telephonic.  Life happens, don’t make your expected appearance a Failure to Appear!

Your Local Upstate Go-to Notary Public,

Sonita M. Leak
Owner of GreenvilleNotary.com

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