Notary Service to those Incarcerated in Federal Institutions

A few years ago, one of my customers had a loved one who was incarcerated at Lee Correctional Institution, and when it came to sign paperwork to begin an appeal process on their behalf, the facility notary staff refused to … Continue reading

Sign the Petition to Change our State of South Carolina Notarial Laws

South Carolina experienced mass notarial law reform back in 2014, and although it improved some of the vague language and ambiguous terms throughout, compared to the Notarial laws, checks and balances of other states, there is still room for improvement. … Continue reading

2019 National Notary Association Conference | One Month Reflection


I wanted to take some time after this past 2019 National Notary Association Conference in St. Louis, Missouri to step back and see how it would affect my work life after I returned to the Greenville/Upstate, South Carolina area. On … Continue reading

Treat Yourself – Take Time Out of Your Day to Refresh | Spoken by John Powell


If I spent every waking hour of the day working and not getting my much needed rest, I would be a ball of nerves, tired all the time and just plain unhealthy. There’s just no way I could let that happen dealing with multiple children and multiple responsibilities. My advice for the day? Continue reading