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April 25, 2017


Notary Blog Revisited: Tales of the Weird: The Call Started with…

From the Original Blog dated December 17, 2015:

“I need a notary in Greenville, RIGHT AWAY!  It’s going to take me two hours to get to you.” (raised eyebrow)

Me: “Um, sir, where are you coming from?”

Caller: “Dallas County.”... (Click on title to read FULL blog post.)

Notary Blog | A Digest of ALL Assignments on Tuesday, March 7, 2017

This is a Blog Digest of all assignments conducted on Tuesday, March 7, 2017:

8:30 am – Marriage License turn-in for T’Shara Jones and Devareo Brown.

9:00 am  – Label printing and document drop for private FedEx-ed assignment.

9:30 am ... (Click on title to read FULL blog post.)

Notary Blog: Private Document Signing at St. Francis Bon Secours

A private document signing was conducted at St. Francis Bon Secours Hospital of Downtown Greenville on this morning of Monday, March 6, 2017.

The signer called in at approximately 9:10am and by 10:30am was receiving notary and document service at ... (Click on title to read FULL blog post.)

Notary Blog | What a Sun and Signing-Full Sunday

Three signings were conducted on today, Sunday, March 5, 2017 alone.

12:15 pm – The first signing occurred in the parking lot of Southern First Bank off of Augusta Street, of Greenville, South Carolina 29605. This signing was for a ... (Click on title to read FULL blog post.)

Vehicle Title Transfer

Notary Blog: Two Local and Two Nationwide | 1 Day

Beginning the notarial day with a Good Friend and Repeat Customer, Neveah D. in front of me was the highlight of my morning.

Going through a full day and being able to assist a total of seven (7) people with ... (Click on title to read FULL blog post.)

Notary Blog: Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!!! Monday’s Coming Folks

What better way to get ready for Monday than to have that document ready to go (deliver, ship out, etc.) tonight?  Did you know that our Notary Service provides the following services:

*Scan/Fax and Email ON SITE
*Delivery to Rural ... (Click on title to read FULL blog post.)

Notary Blog: What Does the Weekend Mean to You?

Weekends are a time to celebrate what you don’t get to celebrate during the week.  As a Notary Public and Wedding Officiant, my life can get complicated during the week. So what do I do when I am ‘off-the-clock’? I ... (Click on title to read FULL blog post.)

Notary Blog: Three-in-One at Zaxby’s | Greenville County Square

Not three notarizations within one transaction, meaning three separate signers for three separate transactions within the one (1) hour.

Property Documents, Notary Application and a Limited Power of Attorney.  What a whirlwind!  While one signing was scheduled at the Zaxby’s ... (Click on title to read FULL blog post.)

Notary Blog: Quitclaim Deed for Shut-In Resident of Simpsonville

An assignment for a Quitclaim Deed for Out-of-State property was conducted on Monday, February 13, 2017, on behalf of a shut-in resident of Simpsonville.

The call rang in at 3:03 p.m., and like clockwork we were on it! The call ... (Click on title to read FULL blog post.)

Notary Blog: It’s Valentine’s Day and We’re In Love!

Just a little note to all of the customers I’ve married in the past and am due to marry in the near future and beyond…


Although February 14, 2017 is all booked up for weddings, it’s ... (Click on title to read FULL blog post.)

Certified with Notary Pride to Serve Our Customers | CNSAs

April 2010, my journey began. Fast forward to the present, 2017. It is now the monumental ‘Year 7′ of GreenvilleNotary.com  and it has been quite the venture.  As a mother, daughter, friend and confidante to many, family, my customers and ... (Click on title to read FULL blog post.)

3 A.M. Notary for Divorce Documents? Check✅

A party well-known to GreenvilleNotary.com called in to the notary line on late evening, February 6, 2017.

The party and their soon-to-be former spouse were set to meet in a mutual location in the early morning hours of February 7, ... (Click on title to read FULL blog post.)

Notary Blog: I Lost My ID, It Expired and I Need a Notary

“Have no fear.  No need to make the Michael Jordan ‘Cry Face’ on this one…”

Although we as Notaries Public CANNOT legally notarize your signature without your Valid, Government-Issued Photo Identification, a lost or expired license or other form of ... (Click on title to read FULL blog post.)

Notary Blog: The ‘I Love Them Factor’ and Other Risky Situations

“As I deal with a current situation here in Greenville County, it has been a constant reminder that not ALL people have your loved ones’ best interests at heart.”

~ Sonita M. Leak

Family members, friends, associates and those seeking ... (Click on title to read FULL blog post.)

Don’t Dread Monday, Your Greenville Notary Public is “In”

So, the clock strikes 6 o’ Clock and you get up all ready for school and work activities.  Everything is going perfectly, right?  One thing though, you forgot to get that important rush document notarized over the weekend.

Have no ... (Click on title to read FULL blog post.)

Weekend Notary Service? No Problem for Us at GreenvilleNotary.com

No notarial task is too hard for GreenvilleNotary.com, yes, even on the weekend.

A Repeat Customer called on us earlier in the last week to perform a repeat transaction on today, Sunday, January 29, 2017.  The call was answered at ... (Click on title to read FULL blog post.)

Notary Blog: Digest and Recent Customer Reviews

One nationwide and two local signings went down today at GreenvilleNotary.com.

The first signing completed occurred in Piedmont, South Carolina on behalf of Professional Settlements, based in Henderson, Nevada.  The assignment was for a Broker Application Package. Basically, these packages ... (Click on title to read FULL blog post.)

Notary Look-Back: November 2015 Holiday Grief Seminar

My initial intention in attending the seminar was to gain some insight into what clients and families of the clients I served dealt with on a daily basis with the grief over the loss of a loved one.  Not once ... (Click on title to read FULL blog post.)

Notary Blog: VALIC Form at The Cascades Verdae

Quite often when a party requests a cash-out of an IRA, 401K or some type of other investment, if said person is married, they must get a Spousal Consent Form signed by that spouse and the signature must be notarized. ... (Click on title to read FULL blog post.)

Notary Blog: Vehicle Title Transaction for Two at Local Hospital

Just when you thought you didn’t have a Notary Public available, this one was available at your fingertips.  Yes, life happens, but even when life happens to us, there is still room for accommodation.

A signing that was originally set ... (Click on title to read FULL blog post.)

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