Notary for Decedent Documents at Brookdale Senior Living | Greenville, SC

A one-page signing occurred for a Greenville County Decedent Document at Brookdale Senior Living, 23 Southpointe Drive, Greenville, SC 29607. When one representative of a person’s estate, in many cases, their spouse, cannot act in the manner in which they wish for the decent’s estate, they may relinquish their rights to act on the decent’s estate.  This is exactly what occurred this morning on, Wednesday, October 14, 2015.

Preparing for today’s visit, the signer’s relative called last week, set their appointment, and by today, had everything needed in order for the signing to take place and be successful.  Thank you so much for your advanced preparation!

Should you need notary service on decedent documents and you or your loved one is in assisted living, nursing or rehab care, call us at 864.214.6447.

Assignment conducted by Certified Notary Public Singing Agent Sonita M. Leak.


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