Notary Blog Revisited: Tales of the Weird: The Call Started with…

From the Original Blog dated December 17, 2015:

“I need a notary in Greenville, RIGHT AWAY!  It’s going to take me two hours to get to you.” (raised eyebrow)

Me: “Um, sir, where are you coming from?”

Caller: “Dallas County.”

Me: “Wow, I’ve never heard of Dallas County, sir.”

Caller:  “Well, you’re the closest notary to me.”

Me: “Well, sir, have you tried to find a notary any closer than we are?”

Caller: “Yes, but I’m out here in the country.” (by golly, I guess so because we’ve never heard of Dallas County)

Me:  “Well let me see sir if I can find someone closer than I am for you and I will give you a call back, ok?”
Caller: “Well, ok.”

(Call disconnects and the fervent search for a notary in Dallas County begins… After a few minutes, the light clicks in my brain, and a return call is made.)

Me: “Yes, hello sir, um, you said you needed a notary close to you in Dallas County, correct?”

Caller: “Yes, yes ma’am!”

Me: “Would that be Dallas County, South Carolina?”
Caller: “No ma’am, I’m in Texas, I’m looking for a notary in Greenville, Texas.”

(Yeah, it happens, and it happens A LOT. Good day all.)


Sonita M. Leak



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