Notary Blog: “Did You Know That Notaries in South Carolina Could Marry Couples?”

Yes, it’s true! Not only can a member of Clergy marry couples here in this state, your local Notary Public can too.

Couples often call us because their initial thought is that the judge at the Probate Marriage Court has the ability to marry them. Unfortunately, courthouse marriages, specifically in Greenville County, just don’t happen.

With prior scheduling, most couples look to their Pastor or a local Minister to marry them. Many of the local Ministers and Pastors are also Notaries Public. They, with proper ordainment, already have the authority to marry these couples.

Some couples choose to have a large formal ceremony. Some couples choose to have a small elopement before their larger ceremony. Some, just want the no-frills paperwork signing. If by chance you want the quick route to marriage, or if you just want to legalize the process before your ‘Big Shebang’ Ceremony later, a Notary Public might be your better option.

Did you know that I marry couples as well? Whether it be for your larger ceremony or a small elopement ceremony, I do that here through Weddings by Sonita. You can find out about the Marriage and Wedding packages available by visiting and clicking on the ‘Marriage Packages’ tab.

Need even more information? Call me at 864.214.6447.

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