Notary Blog: It’s Valentine’s Day and We’re In Love!

Although February 14, 2017 is all booked up for weddings, it’s not too late to get in there for the year 2017. I am available for Impromptu On-the-Spot Wedding and Marriage Ceremonies (although prior planning prevents poor performance) all the way to Formal Ceremonies. Also, never discount other holidays or occasions for your Marriage Ceremony. Continue reading

Notary for New Notary Application on behalf of N Demand Studios Owner Katannya Martin

Welcome Katannya “Tann” Martin to the Notary Public of South Carolina family in a few weeks!!! ¬†Katannya completed and returned her new application on Tueseday, October 14, 2014. ¬†We’ll be seeing you soon in “Stamp Land”! Katannya is the Owner … Continue reading