Notary for Vehicle Title Transfer | Undisclosed Location

Vehicle Title Transfer

The fact that several parties were involved leads us to not disclose the specific location of the signing, however, information MUST be provided to those who need documentation for their non-SC DMV for a vehicle purchased here in South Carolina. … Continue reading

Notary for Vehicle Title Transaction at McBee Station Publix, Downtown Greenville

The call rang in around 8pm, the seller of a vehicle called into because he felt he MIGHT need a notary (just in case the potential buyer bought the car).  After a brief test drive, and a good look-see … Continue reading

Notary for Boat Vehicle Bill of Sale for Boat Located in Louisiana

Somebody (and we’re not saying any names) moved from Louisiana and didn’t bring their boat with ’em.  So, when relatives who want the boat come to visit, what do you do?  Sell it to them!  This is exactly what happened … Continue reading