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March 29, 2017

coffee underground

Notary Blog: Boarding, But Wait!

The frantic search was on for a Notary Public for a local resident.  The reason being?  A flight out-of-country was imminent for one of a pair of flyers.  Not wanting to miss their very important flight, the parties called on ... (Click on title to read FULL blog post.)

Notary Blog: Private Signing at Downtown Coffee-House

Coffee Underground

was way too busy to say anything about this assignment.  It seems like the gloomy weather we are having is driving folks into the coffee-houses by the droves because everywhere we went was full.  Not as quite as ... (Click on title to read FULL blog post.)

Notary Blog: We Signed Our Agreement but Needed a Notary!

So what do you do when two parties who have mutually agreed to ‘something’, agreed to that ‘something’ on a particular date but didn’t have a required Notary’s signature, stamp or seal affixed to the statement nor an acknowledgment attached?... (Click on title to read FULL blog post.)

Notary for I-9 Authorization on Behalf of Asurion

Shortly after Noon on Sunday, May 17, 2015, a local Piedmont resident traveled to Greenville to have her I-9 Employment Verification Form authorized.  Although the process can seem daunting, it is a requirement for remote companies. GreenvilleNotary.com is listed as ... (Click on title to read FULL blog post.)