The ‘I Love Them Factor’ and Other Risky Notary Situations


Sometimes family members get away with having those in care allowing their signature to be notarized because of the “I Love Them” factor (signing and allowing a document to be drafted sight unseen and having their signature notarized because they ‘feel’ their relative has their best interest at heart). Continue reading

Notary for Sick and Shut In Resident off of Saluda Dam Road | Greenville, SC

A resident of Greenville called into our lines early on Sunday morning to get assistance with a relative for a Durable Power of Attorney document.  Before the paperwork could be signed, a witness needed to be found. Sometimes it’s difficult … Continue reading

Notary for Attempt at LiveWell Reverse Mortgage Application Oversight

Monday, April 27, 2015, an order on behalf of for a LiveWell Reverse Mortgage signing (a whopping 332-page document) fell-through due to a paperwork snafu.  Thankfully the order was reset for a different date and time and the paperwork … Continue reading

Notary for Paperwork Delivery

When performing work for a signing company, it is imperative that you conduct the initial confirmation call to the borrower or signer before going to the location of the signing. The reason you want to conduct a confirmation call is 1) to first and foremost introduce yourself to the signer, 2) to confirm that the signer is actually in the State of South Carolina and 3) to further confirm any intimate details of the signing, for instance, some assignments involve collecting paperwork, financial records and the like. So into today’s signing…

Ok, so I’m not a process server, and after this week, I definitely don’t want to EVER be one.  I actually pray for those who are in the field.  Chase people down for a living? Not for me.  I am a professional and I will keep this post as such.  Today… I did my job.  With that said, documents were printed, delivered, however, signer did not show.    All protocol was followed in today’s Simpsonville, SC case (and that’s all the information you’ll ever know about this signing attempt), however, no previous poking or prodding could scrounge up a signer. But of course, for a fee.

Document printing, delivery and chase conducted by Certified Notary Public Signing Agent Sonita M. Leak.