The ‘I Love Them Factor’ and Other Risky Notary Situations


Sometimes family members get away with having those in care allowing their signature to be notarized because of the “I Love Them” factor (signing and allowing a document to be drafted sight unseen and having their signature notarized because they ‘feel’ their relative has their best interest at heart). Continue reading

Notary Blog: Dreary Sunday – But Still Available

Whether you know this facility by its new name or still refer to it as its previous, WE KNOW WHERE IT IS! 600 Old Sulphur Springs Road, Greenville, SC 29617 is one of the first places I approached when soliciting clients and customers for Continue reading

Notary and Witness for Four Critical Life Care Documents in 29617

Thanks to a willing witness, a signing on behalf of a disabled mother with power to act on behalf of her disabled daughter with Cerebral Palsy, happened.  We have to give it up to this signer, who completed a Durable Power … Continue reading

Notary for SC Health Care POA, Durable POA & 2 Witness Forms at Alpha Rehabilitation

On the morning of March 31, 2015, was summoned to Alpha Health and Rehabilitation, a Covenant Dove Facility located off of Chambers Road in Greer, South Carolina 29650.  The call was received from an out-of-state resident on behalf of his parents, one who resides at the facility and the other, who resides at their home residence. Because the signer had to finish gathering the documents needing notarization, it was scheduled for later in the day.  Around 1:00pm, with documents in hand and an additional witness at their side, two local Spartanburg County residents signed Power of Attorney documents, one durable and the other in regard to their health care.

Due to one of the parties not bearing valid photo identification, additional witness statements were completed.  Our customer was so appreciative, he posted a review before we could even get back to the website.  Here it is:”

On March 31 2015, I was looking for a notary [public] to come to Alpha Rehab Center to get a Power of Attorney for both my mom and dad. I called, got a very nice young lady named Sonita Leak. I told her my problem and she said, “I would be glad to help you.” She said she could be at the center and I am very thankful for all her help. Now I can go back to Maryland to take care of things for my mom and dad so that they can get the help they need. Thank you so very much for all you have done. I left your number and name with the rehab center and told them to give your number out to those who need your services.”   Thank you, Timothy Single