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November 21, 2017


Notary Blog: Three-in-One at Zaxby’s | Greenville County Square

Property Documents, Notary Application and a Limited Power of Attorney. What a whirlwind! While one signing was scheduled at the Zaxby’s located at 824 S. Church Street, Greenville, SC 29601, the second signing was scheduled for another location near White Horse Road earlier in the morning. The last signing, well, the last signing was a pop-up from out of the blue.

Weekend Notary Service? No Problem for Us at GreenvilleNotary.com

Today’s signing was realized at the previous signing location of FedEx Woods Lake, 550 Woods Lake Road, Greenville, SC 29607. A Jurat/Affiant Statement was printed and completed. The signature of the Affiant was then notarized by GreenvilleNotary.com Owner Sonita M. Leak.

Click on the photo of the FedEx logo to read the full blog article.

Notary Blog: The Notary Needing a Notary and GMS

It’s been quite some time since the notary public needed a notary public, but today was one.  Thanks to quick-thinking and availability, Bethinina Gary was on the line and on location in NO TIME.  Thanks again to Bethinina Gary and Upstate Mobile Notaries in helping out in a jiffy! On the evening of Friday, October

Notary Blog: Taking Shots for the Photographer

While Latoya Dixon Smith is used to taking shots at people for a living, Notary Public Sonita Leak got the chance to turn the tables around.  No, no pictures of Ms. Dixon Smith were taken, she did however put her lens down for a brief moment to have some very important documents signed and then

Notary Blog: I’ll take that Seller-Side Up

An out-of-state property Seller-Side Transaction Oversight was conducted in Easley, South Carolina at an undisclosed location.  This assignment was conducted on behalf of The Signing Depot, LLC., based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Today’s signing was conducted by South Carolina Notary Public Sonita M. Leak on the early morning of Saturday, August 20, 2016.

Notary Blog Limited POA for Former Co-Worker | Spill the Beans

Well what do you know?  The voice on the other side of the phone sounded all too familiar.  It sounded like a voice I’d heard before.  MANY TIMES BEFORE.  The young lady on the other end was in need of a notary RIGHT THEN.  After negotiating terms, pricing, and meeting location, the customer then asks…

Notary for Duke Energy Form | Roper Mt. Woods Apts.

Thanks to the quick thinking of a resourceful leasing apartment manager, a new local resident to South Carolina will be electrocu… er, uh, electrically serviced, by Monday. There are varying apartment complexes to choose from in the Upstate, South Carolina area, however, I’ve never known one where a tenant can pay their rent, put in

Notary for Agreement | Spill the Beans

“Nice weather weekends wouldn’t be complete without assisting customers in need of notary service.” On the afternoon of Friday, March 18, 2016, a client in need of a notary on behalf of their father, met with Notary Sonita Leak at Spill the Beans. The parent works a fairly tight schedule, it is a chore for

Vehicle Title Transfer

Notary for Vehicle Title Transfer | Undisclosed Location

The fact that several parties were involved leads us to not disclose the specific location of the signing, however, information MUST be provided to those who need documentation for their non-SC DMV for a vehicle purchased here in South Carolina. For example, many North Carolina residents enter into South Carolina to purchase vehicles to take

Notary for Finalization of Divorce | Cityview Area, Greenville

A repeat signer called into GreenvilleNotary.com for the second part of his Divorce signing.  Because the Divorce was uncontested in nature, many of the documents involved required each party’s signature, followed by a notary’s verification that the parties appeared before them.  Because each party was in a different location, only on one of the parties

Notary for Private Document at Regus, Downtown Greenville

Did you know that Regus, a company offering office space and other ‘office-like’ amenities has two offices here in the Upstate?  One location lies in the heart of Downtown Greenville in 220 N. Main Street, Greenville, SC 29601.  This office is located on the 5th Floor of the building. If you enter the building, ensure

Notary for Private Documents Near Closing Time | Spill the Beans, Downtown Greenville

A local resident close to Woodruff Road in Greenville searched high and low for a notary on Sunday, Valentine’s Day no less.  What notary service was open and available? GreenvilleNotary.com, of course!  Although it was a very busy day for couples, it is just as important for us to be available for those needing signatures

Notary for Power of Attorney Document | Glorified Health and Rehab, West End Greenville

Early afternoon January 5, 2015, a call for a Power of Attorney signing rang into the GreenvilleNotary.com phone lines.  An individual called on behalf of their relative for a Power of Attorney.  Because of our tight-knit notary public community, the original notary called referred today’s client.  Being that it was not far from our location, they were able

Notary for Document for Interning Pharmacy Technician Assistant | Near Grove Road in 29605

When parties call and the signings are not too far away from each other on the same day, we’d say that is spectacular!  Why?  Well, sometimes it just works out that way; for instance the signing not too long ago where separate parties from states other than South Carolina, party to a vehicle transaction called

Notary for Spousal Consent Form for Private Document | Spill the Beans, Greenville

Shortly after one notarization, another occurred.  The weekend is a time to relax for most, however, for those who need documents turned in on Monday morning, time is of the essence.  A local couple was in the search for a notary for Sunday service for a Spousal Consent Form to a very important and highly exigent financial

Notary Blog: Congratulations to the Newly Married Ariel and Byrd Galloway

This ‘Under the Sea’ themed wedding was an elegant affair for the Anderson couple, who sealed the deal and made it ‘Official’.  First, holding a short and sweet private nuptials ceremony at a separate Anderson, South Carolina location, the couple then continued the celebration of their love to another Anderson location where they, and their wedding

Notary for 181-page (Second largest package in GreenvilleNotary.com history) Refinance Oversight

Any Notary Signing Agent that regularly conducts this type of work knows that when you have a document as large as this, things can get mighty difficult, especially when faxbacks are involved. Overall printing, signing, delivery time for this – we’ll call PROJECT – took a total of five (5) hours. This oversight and many-document

Notary for Private Document Signing at Panera Bread, Greenville SC

What do you do when you have a husband and a wife that work in two totally different states and they need to sign a document?  Well, you have them meet in the middle!  That is exactly what a couple did this evening at Panera Bread, 6015 Wade Hampton Blvd, Taylors, SC 29687.  Due to

What Do You Do When the Mobile Notary Needs a Mobile Notary?

So that is a valid question that arises from time to time…  Can a notary public notarize their own signature?  Not ever, for any reason, can a notary public EVER notarize their own signature.  Relatives’ signatures are off the market for most documents, however, there are some transactions where a family member may be able

Notary for Court Documents on Behalf of Plaintiff in a Lawsuit

A repeat customer of GreenvilleNotary.com brought a very important piece of paperwork to be notarized.  Working on a short time-frame, the customer arranged to have the document notarized near his meeting location.  The signing occurred at Coffee Underground, 1 E. Coffee Street, Greenville, SC 29601.  Thank you for allowing Certified Notary Public Signing Agent Sonita

Notary for Will, Warranty Deed and Trust Deed Notarization for Local Resident

Three documents (Will, Warranty Deed and Trust Deed) were signed by a local resident, witnessed by another customer of GreenvilleNotary.com, Certified Notary Public Signing Agent Sonita M. Leak and then notarized by Ms. Leak. This signing occurred at the FedEx Office Copy and Print Center located at 550 Woods Lake Rd, Greenville, South Carolina 29607.  It

Notary for Notarization of Document Originating in Quebec, Canada

The daughter of a local resident called several notaries public and thought there would be no way to complete this notarization, as the original document was written entirely in French and was to be completed, signed, notarized and sent back to Quebec, Canada.  Enter GreenvilleNotary.com.  Well, we couldn’t translate the document (this is up to

Do You Use a Notary Public Journal? Consider the Notary Act App and NotaryAct.com!

Although keeping a notary journal isn’t a requirement in the State of South Carolina, it is an excellent idea to get on the “management ball” and head over to NotaryAct.com!  Not only does Notary Act journal-ize your notarizations, you also have the ability to record the address of signer(s), location of the notarization, signer signatures, take pictures of identification

Notary for Private Document at Spinx in Simpsonville, SC

A private document signing occurred at a local Simpsonville Spinx on behalf of The Closer, LLC.  To protect the identity of the signer, no details besides the approximate location will be revealed.  Thank you for allowing us to service your client and their customer today.  That is all. This signing was conducted by Certified Notary

Notary for Urgent Signing at FedEx and FedEx! (Yes, two of them…)

At 6:42pm on Monday, December 29, 2014, Certified Notary Public Signing Agent Sonita M. Leak received a phone call from a Landrum, SC resident in regard to Alaska title documents that needed notarization and to be sent for next day delivery.  When the signer didn’t think it could be done, GreenvilleNotary.com to the rescue. The

Notary for Out-of-State Seller’s Package at Candlewood Suites, Greenville

One of JMT Documents’ clients was served ON LOCATION for the witnessing and delivery of a Buyer’s Package at Candlewood Suites located at 25 Green Heron Rd, Greenville, SC 29607.  This Candlewood Suites is located off of Pelham Road near the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport (GSP). If you are a real estate or title company and have

Private Wedding Ceremony held at – Yes, SPILL THE BEANS!

An Elopement Ceremony was performed by Sonita M. Leak at Spill the Beans on Friday, November 28, 2014.  The location?  Yes, it WAS Spill the Beans!  Yes, and that’s not all, married yet another couple at yet another coffee a few days later… look on the Blog Timeline for that post. What’s up with Greenvillians and their coffee??? No, I

Notary Public for Separation and Uncontested Divorce Paperwork September 23, 2014

FedEx off of 550 Woods Lake Drive serves as a GREAT public meeting place for any business transaction.  This location is conveniently placed and serves its customers 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.  This is the same location where a new local resident came to meet us and had multiple documents signed, initialed and

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