Notary for Vehice-Related Signing at Starbucks, Augusta Street in Greenville

Leasing or buying a vehicle can be quite a difficult process.  Just ask the notary!  Have no fear, however, we are here to help companies and their clients figure out the daunting paperwork.  Where to sign?  Where to not sign? … Continue reading

Notary for Private Swearing-In Near Hyatt Regency | Downtown Greenville, SC

A short, private swearing-in ceremony was conducted on behalf of a private firm on the morning of Friday, February 12, 2016 in the area of the Hyatt Regency, Downtown Greenville, South Carolina. You are familiar with the fact that when … Continue reading

Notary for SC Department of Transportation Claim Form | Headquarters

A ‘close-to-home’ signer for a South Carolina Department of Transportation Damage Claim Form called into the notary lines urgently stating that he’d been on the hunt for a notary ALL DAY.  Not living more than a mile away from … Continue reading

Notary for Private Trust Document Addendum Statement | Headquarters

A local resident called earlier in the week regarding a set of documents rolled into a trust.  The signer wanted to make a few minor changes.  No other details will be discussed in this post, due to the privacy … Continue reading