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November 22, 2017

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Notary Public Blog by Sonita M. Leak, CNSA | Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!!! Monday is Here Folks | ‘Knock Out’ that Notarization

What better way to get ready for the work-week than to have that document ready to go (deliver, ship out, etc.) early? Did you know that GreenvilleNotary.com provides the following services:

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Notary Public Blog of Sonita M. Leak, CNSA | It’s the Mon… er Wednesday After Independence Day. BACK TO WORK!

So, along the way to your family barbecue, you realized that you didn’t get those important documents signed, sealed nor delivered. That’s quite alright with us. You can get it done today. GreenvilleNotary.com is open early and after hours on MOST DAYS. Need a document signed, signature notarized and then scanned or faxed to the

Notary Blog: Document Signing at Starbucks Pelham | Multiple Signatures

Signing and Title Companies hire Notary Signing Agents to perform certain functions.  There are times when you don’t want to just send a signer to the bank.  In this case, there were multiple signatures; attention-to-detail is key in all transactions performed.  If a signer goes to their local bank to attain a notary stamp or

Notary Service for Private HOA Meeting at Pelham Road Library

A Private Homeowner’s Association Meeting needed a notary public for many homeowners all in one sitting.  Who did they call? GreenvilleNotary.com.  There were several issues that had to be worked out with this particular signing.  Originally scheduled for 6pm, getting a whole neighborhood of homeowners together all in one sitting can be a daunting task.

Notary Blog: Private Documents | West Greenville Summary Court

Thanks to some quick thinking by both the signer and Notary Public, a fairly urgent signing was accommodated at the West Greenville Summary Courthouse amid the Notary’s business.  The signer needed a form signed as to verify her identity.  The signing was accomplished, and all was well with the world at 10:55 am on July

2014 Archive! 1-on-1 Interview | The Notary w/ Traci

Can you believe that two years ago, yes, even two years ago, I was talking about my NAPS?😝 Hey folks, check out my interview with the Great Traci Fant from 2014, keep in mind… the Notary Public Signing Agent Seminar in this broadcast has passed. This broadcast will give you a basic overview of some

Notary for Catalina Structured Funding, Inc. | Undisclosed Location

Thank you to Catalina Structured Funding for once again relying on GreenvilleNotary.com to serve their need for a notary signing agent to assist a local resident client of theirs. Of course the situation is violently confidential, however, what we can tell you is that the signing involved a lovely high traffic, public place, which is

The Notary Needs a Witness | Noma Square® Starbucks

“A private signing situation ran into the dilemma of finding a witness.” The paperwork set forth was sensitive in nature for two South Carolina residents. Paperwork such as this is usually NOT witnessed by neighbors or family members. Why? When it concerns private matters, sometimes it is best to keep those who are in your

Notary for 181-page (Second largest package in GreenvilleNotary.com history) Refinance Oversight

Any Notary Signing Agent that regularly conducts this type of work knows that when you have a document as large as this, things can get mighty difficult, especially when faxbacks are involved. Overall printing, signing, delivery time for this – we’ll call PROJECT – took a total of five (5) hours. This oversight and many-document

Notary for Package Pick-up and Shipping on Behalf of The Closer, LLC

A document package completed by a Travelers Rest resident with a Non-borrowing spouse was collected by Certified Notary Public Signing Agent Sonita M. Leak on Wednesday, May 20, 2015.  This assignment was provided by The Closer, LLC, a signing company, or company that hires notaries for nationwide document services. Performed by Certified Notary Public Signing

Notary for Witnessing a Signature, Scan & Fax at Haywood Mall

On the night of Monday, May 11, 2015, a signer called GreenvilleNotary.com’s lines at 6:44pm in the midst of another Haywood Mall signing.  She began to sign a document, however, mid-document she did not realize it needed a notary’s signature.  The document could not wait until morning.  The signer informed us that she drove around and

Notary for Private Document Notarization at Spill the Beans, Witnessed by STB Employee Too!

Thank you to the signer, who called early-morning, made a promise to call us back, then DID call again at 5:11pm on Wednesday, April 22, 2015 to get his document notarized.  The document was an insurance claim form, which we originally believed needed two witnesses along with the notary signature.  It turns out the document needed only

Notary for Quitclaim Deed for State of Tennessee Property in Moore, SC

Who calls for a notary at 5:30pm for an evening notarization that MUST happen TODAY to have the documents shipped off and returned by Friday?  Loan-Closers.com did! Go to Moore, South Carolina? Were we able to accommodate them?  Why, of course we were! In the busy world we live in, at times, signers are not always available

New Blog Post: Notary for Field Service Assignment in Taylors, S

A  document delivery assignment was provided by Sand Castle Field Services to be completed on Saturday, March 14, 2015.  This assignment involved delivering information regarding loan modification on behalf of NationStar Mortgage, a company we have worked with in the past. Thank you to one of its partner companies in entrusting GreenvilleNotary.com with its work

New Blog Post: Notary for Application on Behalf of MeyMax Title

An application signing was diverted from Easley, SC to St. Francis Bon Secours Hospital Facility today.  A signing for a Borrower’s Application Package went down at approximately 6:30pm at the facility.  This assignment was provided by MeyMax Title Agency out of Columbus, Ohio; GreenvilleNotary.com has not worked with MeyMax since November of 2012. Welcome back! Assignment

New Blog Post: Notary for People’s Bank Application Signing in Moore, SC

The care and oversight of documents on behalf of People’s Bank was carried out on Sunday, the First Day of February, in the Two-thousand, fifteenth year of our Lord.  Service for the signing companies on a Sunday is usually a misnomer, however, when we’re up to the challenge, WE’LL TAKE IT! The signing took place

Notary Sonita Leak for Home Loan Modification July 7, 2014

A Nationstar Mortgage Home Loan Modification was completed at the Anderson County Library, located at 300 N. McDuffie St, Anderson, South Carolina, on Monday, July 7, 2014.  This assignment was conducted on behalf of SolutionStar.  During this assignment, we ran into another Notary Signing Agent from NEW YORK who was moving to TEXAS!  Safe travels and look us up

Notary William E. Matteson IV for Re-Finance on Florida Property June 16, 2014

GreenvilleNotary.com has welcomed another Notary Public into the ranks of Notary Signing Agent! Congratulations to Pelzer Notary Public William E. Matteson IV who completed a Re-Finance for a Florida Property in Piedmont on behalf of The Loan Processing Center.  This signing was conducted on Monday, June 16, 2014.  Thank you William for your service and

Vehicle Title Transfer

Notary Public Assignment: Vehicle Title Interstate Transaction Completed

A Certified Notary Public Signing Agent was called and answered an assignment for an Interstate Vehicle Title Notarization on Friday, February 28, 2014 for a North Carolina resident and a Georgia resident.  Thank you for your out-of-state business and if you are ever again in South Carolina’s Upstate, you know where to go for prompt

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