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January 22, 2018


Notary Blog:  Twice As Nice at FedEx

GreenvilleNotary.com received a phone call earlier in the day and completed a signing at FedEx a short time earlier. The Notary was immediately wisked away to an Elopement ceremony at Century Park in Greer, SC. Lo and behold, as soon as the Wedding ceremony was performed at Century Park, on the way back from the performance, a local

Notary Blog: Congratulations, The Pictures Are In!

“On Friday, April 8, 2016 at NOON, celebrated were the nuptials of David Downs and Cecelia Biggs.” The nuptials of this sweet and heartwarming pair did happen at Legacy Park here in Greenville, South Carolina. The announcement was held until their photographs were released and now, here they are! The couple and officiant want to

Married! Mr. & Mrs. Matthew and Angel Mullins | Falls Park on the Reedy

Congratulations to the couple, married on last night in the center of the circle of Falls Park on the Reedy, just at Tate Plaza, across from the Passerelle Bistro Restaurant. Originally meeting Wedding and Marriage Officiant Sonita Leak at Spill the Beans, because of the large crowd inside, their nuptials were performed outside, just as the

Notary for Affidavit of No Insurance | Greenville County Square

Shortly before our Greenville County Square nuptials’ ceremony, a local party called in from the Berea area of Greenville in urgent need of a notary public. Send him to another notary public elsewhere?  Of course not. The document was for an Affidavit of No Insurance (or similar form due to privacy concerns).  The signer needed

Notary Blog: Surprise Wedding Ceremony for a Friend of Owner

Our first wedding ceremony of the day began with a morning trip to Anderson, South Carolina, where a friend of GreenvilleNotary.com Owner Sonita Leak surprised her parents and son with a surprise ‘Sunday Family Dinner’ Wedding Ceremony. First introducing Sonita as her business partner to the family (which is true), the Bride, who is also a notary

Get Married by the Wedding Notary of Greenville, South Carolina Today!

Now offering Wedding Notary Service packages for ceremonies with and without photography. Call 864.214.6447 to inquire. What I promise: Responsiveness Efficient and Professional Service Style & Grace A Genuine Ceremony Comparable Pricing “I would be honored to have and to hold your ceremony with care!” Whether your marriage play out as a brief serenade elopement

Notary Blog: Private Marriage Ceremony without Kate’s Knowledge | The Village Grind

A short, sweet and private nuptial ceremony was had at The Village Grind this morning.  It was so closely held that The Village Grind barista Kate had absolutely no inkling of what was going on until signing’s end.  Literally, the couple walks out the door and she asks, “Did that couple just get married?”  Yes,

Notary Blog Post: Congratulations to the New Mr. & Mrs…????

To family and friends and those who witnessed, it is no secret. However, this couple, on their way to Cabo San Lucas next week wanted to keep it wrapped tight for the general public. So what do we tell you?  A young couple called a few hours before seeking a Wedding Officiant to perform a

In the Upstate and Want to Get Married? Let Me Marry You!

“Your wedding should be nothing short of magical, where every single detail is perfectly executed, and the ceremony plays out as if in a dream. I would be more than honored to be there for yours!” –  Sonita When choosing an Upstate Wedding Officiant, look for someone who: Understands it is all about you, the couple;

Notary Blog: Congratulations to Curtis and Candice of Aiken, South Carolina | Fall Park on the Reedy

Congratulations are in order for a young couple traveling from Aiken, South Carolina on their way to their Honeymoon in Tennessee. In need of an wedding officiant on the way, they called to speak with Wedding Notary and Marriage Officiant Sonita M. Leak. Curtis and Candace Moseley traveled 2 1/2 hours to see the beautiful

Notary for Paperwork Side of Marriage at Starbucks, But Wait!!!

So often is the question of couples wanting to get married, “Do we have to have a ceremony?”  Well, if you look up the law concerning marriage ceremonies here in our State of South Carolina, the answer is “Yes!”  Therefore, although a very simple signing occurred at the very lovely and roomy Starbucks located at 1130-A

Notary Blog: Wedding Consultation at South Pendleton Street Easley City Park

Kayla and James are in preparation of their nuptials on July 31st.  It all began with a consultation and pre-planning meeting at the City Park, Easley, South Carolina location in which they are sealing the deal. Many couples inquire about the entire process when they call in, and that is OK.  Whether you have ALL

Notary Post: Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Patrick and Phyllis Kirksey!

~ Introducing the newly married Patrick and Phyllis Kirksey ~ Married on yesterday, July 14, 2015, they were eager to share their wedding photos (pictured below, Courtesy of BOE Photographer Latisha Miles).   We are honored! The marriage was performed at the Greenville County Probate Court’s Marriage License Division, 301 University Ridge, Suite 5600, Greenville, SC 29601.

Notary for Probate Court Wedding Ceremony on Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Are you a couple that wants to get married, like, TODAY!?  Call GreenvilleNotary.com at anytime.  If we are in a signing or in the middle of a wedding ceremony, we will call you back! A couple wanting to get hitched today, got hitched at the Greenville County Probate Court’s Marriage License Division, 301 University Ridge,

Notary: Felicitación to the New Mr. & Mrs. Isaac and Jessica

Congratulations to these two young Newlyweds, as they celebrate their love with family and friends on this 11th day of July, 2015! With a beautiful nuptials ceremony in Tindal Park, Greenville, South Carolina, their love was sealed with his wedding band and a tattooed ring for the bride, of course placed WELL in advance of

Notary Blog: Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Jack and Elizabeth Case!

With great pleasure, we introduce Jack and Elizabeth Case, married today, July 1, 2015.  What a way to kick off the new… MONTH! Given away by her beloved son, Elizabeth couldn’t have been happier! We at GreenvilleNotary.com pray they have many wonderful days like today. The couple’s nuptials took place at Greenville County Square, Marriage Division and was

Wedded Bliss for Rachel and Brian, Wedding Work Clothes Included

They obtained their marriage license in Laurens County, however the couple sought out a GreenvilleNotary.com officiant to preside over their nuptials.  We feel so special!  Ok, let’s just say I (Sonita) feel special. Did you know that over 65% of couples gain insight from the Internet when considering a wedding and marriage officiant?  Well, I’m

Marriage Ceremony Performed at Falls Park on the Reedy: A “Blues” Saturday Night

Maurice and Yalanda, the newlyweds, wanted to incorporate their children in their ceremony.  Not only did they come along to witness the union of their parents, the ENTIRE FAMILY came together in coordination in blue.  Although it rained earlier in the day on Saturday, April 18, 2015, the evening made for a beautiful “blues-themed” ceremony

Private Wedding Ceremony Conducted at Probate Court Marriage License Division – Greenville, SC

A private marriage ceremony was conducted on the morning of Tuesday, April 14, 2015 for a local couple at the Marriage License Division of the Greenville County Probate Court.  The couple wanted a no-frills ceremony. The couple was surrounded by family members and even had a cell-phone video call during their nuptials.  Just so you know, when

Notary for Private Wedding Ceremony Held at Marriage and Licensing Division, Greenville, SC

A short and sweet marriage ceremony was held on behalf of two members of the military deployed in different states.  The nuptials occurred at the Marriage and Licensing Division of the Probate Court, held at County Square, Suite 5600 of 301 University Ridge, Greenville, South Carolina 29601.  Thank you to Wells Fargo of 15 S.

Notary for Notary Application for the State of South Carolina

We are ALWAYS happy when these come across our desk!  Well, it didn’t quite come across our desk as so much as we happened upon it.  During the course of the nuptials, Certified Notary Public Signing Agent Sonita Leak was informed of another special task, notarizing a notary application form for one of the parties. 

Congratulations to the Newly Married Leroy and Crystal Boston

It’s our Wedding Day! Congratulations are in order for this beautiful couple, Leroy Jr. and Crystal Boston, married on today, Saturday, November 22, 2014.  The celebration of their nuptials was held at the Greer City Park near Greer City Hall. The two were married amongst a host of family and friends by Wedding Officiant Sonita

Congratulations are in Order! Marquis & Beauty Dirton Married August 29, 2014

New Couple Alert!  Congratulations to the newly married Marquis and Beauty Dirton who came together to be married on this Friday, the 29th day of our Lord, Two-thousand and Fourteen.  The nuptials took place in Downtown Greenville, South Carolina, officiated by Notary Public Sonita M. Leak at 3:00pm.  Many blessings upon this beautiful young couple,

Consultation with a Bride -Wedding Date October 11, 2014

I just met with such a beautiful Soon-to-Be Bride! The meeting for a Powdersville, SC resident in regards to her upcoming nuptials was conducted on Thursday, August 14, 2014. The meeting took place at an undisclosed Downtown Greenville location. A follow-up meeting where both parties to the couple will be announced is forthcoming.

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