Notary Blog: What I’ve Learned in the Past Week

There have been so many assignments I could reference this week.  This morning, I really did think long and hard about just a few of the experiences I’ve had with signings in the past couple of days alone.

It is ... (Click on title to read FULL blog post.)

Notary Blog: First Class Service at First Class Barbers

“Life doesn’t stop over at Hygiene and hair care are a part of life, so when the sons have to go, mom’s business goes with it!”

With four boys in tow in the early evening, getting ‘Picture Day’ haircuts ... (Click on title to read FULL blog post.)

Chaplain Witnessing and When a Notary Says “No!” | Greenville Memorial Hospital

A notary was in a rut to find a witness today.  Ran into one potential witness and it was a no-go because she didn’t have her identification on her person.  Upstairs, downstairs, all around the building, to no avail.  ... (Click on title to read FULL blog post.)