Notary Blog: Patronization Appreciation w/ Mr. Milian

It’s always great to be behind the lens of Mr. Anthony Milian, artisan and Brandon Fellow at the Greenville Center for Creative Arts. Whether he’s taking photographs with his camera or penning a portrait by sketch, it’s always a pleasure to be … Continue reading

Notary Blog: Taking Shots for the Photographer

While Latoya Dixon Smith is used to taking shots at people for a living, Notary Public Sonita Leak got the chance to turn the tables around.  No, no pictures of Ms. Dixon Smith were taken, she did however put her … Continue reading

Thank you to WAC Avenue Photographer Will Crooks for this BEAUTIFUL Shot!

As my daughter and I were walking in Downtown Greenville headed to the Southern Fried Teen Poetry Slam in Huguenot Hall at the Peace Center, a photographer was running behind us trying to catch up… He asked us if he … Continue reading