Notary Public Blog & Podcast by Sonita M. Leak, CNSA: Look-Back on November 2015 Holiday Grief Seminar


My initial intention in attending the seminar was to gain some insight into what clients and families of the clients I served dealt with on a daily basis with the grief over the loss of a loved one.  Not once … Continue reading

2014 Archive! 1-on-1 Interview | The Notary w/ Traci

Can you believe that two years ago, yes, even two years ago, I was talking about my NAPS?😝 Hey folks, check out my interview with the Great Traci Fant from 2014, keep in mind… the Notary Public Signing Agent Seminar … Continue reading

Register for the “Earn More With Your Notary Commission” Seminar

Stay-at-home parent? Retired? Disabled? Looking for full-time self-employment or an additional way to make ends meet? The “Earn More With Your Notary Commission” Seminar is slated for March 5, 2015 at the Mount Pleasant Community Center. Join other South Carolina … Continue reading

Notary for Loan Application Document Delivery and Scan/Fax in Lavonia, GA

A loan application signing occurred in Lavonia, GA, on the morning of Friday, January 16, 2015.  When no one closer to the location is available to answer the call, Owner Sonita M. Leak is at your service!  It’s amazing … Continue reading