Notary Public Tales of the Weird: They Brought Just ‘Some’ of The Paperwork

“So what had to be done?  Where another notary would have said, “Go back to the drawing table and print the paperwork necessary out and bring it back,”  I set each and every document required to print ON THE SPOT, traveled back to Headquarters, printed said paperwork and returned.” Continue reading

Notary for Affidavit of Correction of Birth Record | New Jersey to South Carolina

A State of New Jersey resident moving to South Carolina swore, by Affidavit of Correction of Birth Record, that her name was spelled differently and incorrectly on her birth certificate the afternoon of Tuesday, December 22, 2015.  The call rang … Continue reading

Notary for Three Private Out-of-State Property Documents | Haywood Mall

Two residents new to South Carolina called into at 10:50am. It’s a good thing we moved operations to Haywood Mall today! The couple, who needed documents pertaining to a State of Maine home sale notarized, were being served by … Continue reading