The Notary Minute Sound Byte: “Fraud, Something to Consider When You Sign”

This Notary Minute Sound Byte is provided by National Notary Association Notary Public Ambassador and Owner Sonita M. Leak. The information displayed on this website is to be used for informational purposes only. Please do not take any of the information herein as legal advice. Should you need legal advice, please consult your attorney. Continue reading

Notary 30-Second Sound Byte: SC, We Are Notaries, Not Lawyers!

Click below to listen to today’s 30-Second Sound Byte with some information of what we CAN and cannot do as notaries public in the State of South Carolina. In many states, notaries public have the ability to draft wills, powers of … Continue reading

How To Win Over Your Customers as a Notary Public

Notary Signing Agency courtesy is an art. There are certain rules of the trade that are implied and should be followed at all times. Listen to this 30-second sound byte on a few steps you can take as a Notary Public … Continue reading