Notary Blog: Pharmacy Tech Paperwork

The major issue? The caller still had paperwork to print and it was not yet printed. And that’s quite alright. Send it to Staples, folks. Yes, did you know that you can email any document you need printed to local copy and fax centers to get the job done? Yes, there is always a possibility. Continue reading

Notary Blog: “I Need a Reference Letter, STAT!” | McBee Staples

A local resident was in a tizzy because she needed to create a reference letter for someone near and dear to her. ¬†Along with the creation of the letter, it was in need of notarization for her signature. What’s a … Continue reading

Notary for Real Property Oversight | Near Staples

On the Afternoon of Wednesday, March 9, 2016, a private out-of state document was signed by a recently transferred South-Carolina resident. The signing occurred near Staples (one of my favorite places, by the way), home of an employee I always … Continue reading