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March 29, 2017


Notary Blog: Witness Needed… Witness Success!

When a Witness is needed for notary service at GreenvilleNotary.com, quick action must take place. There are several individuals and notaries public we can count on to, in essence, turn up fast and furious in the time of need. Thank you ... (Click on title to read FULL blog post.)

Notary Blog: Don’t Forget To Vote Today

Although this political season has been unfair to just about all of us, don’t forget to go out and ‘Rock the Vote’ today.

Pay special attention to any initiatives and referendums that are out for yesses(sp?) or nos, and definitely, ... (Click on title to read FULL blog post.)

Notary Blog: Spousal Consent and a Wash

Positioned directly across from one of my favorite eating spots in Greenville (OJ’s Diner), it just so happened that on the morning of October 20, 2016, two local parties originally scheduled to meet at the diner, met with ... (Click on title to read FULL blog post.)

Notary Blog: Private Signing at St. Francis Downtown

A very private signing occurred at the Downtown Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital in the afternoon of Wednesday, October 19, 2016.  Thanks to a flyer distributed to his place of business almost two years ago, a local business owner finally ... (Click on title to read FULL blog post.)

Notary Blog: Out-of-State COT Transfer in Fact

So today’s signing was a little more complicated than most.  First of all, during this transfer of Certificate of Title operation, both signers were out-of-state residents (their home base was NOT South Carolina).  The registration process is to occur in the buyer’s ... (Click on title to read FULL blog post.)

Notary Blog: First Class Service at First Class Barbers

“Life doesn’t stop over at GreenvilleNotary.com. Hygiene and hair care are a part of life, so when the sons have to go, mom’s business goes with it!”

With four boys in tow in the early evening, getting ‘Picture Day’ haircuts ... (Click on title to read FULL blog post.)

Notary for Attorney-In-Fact Transaction | Pelham Rd

A call rang in to the notary line this morning regarding a Vehicle Title transaction.  Today’s transaction was different than the usual out-of-state transfer.  Why?  Well, first of all the title to the vehicle being transferred hailed from a state ... (Click on title to read FULL blog post.)

Notary Blog Share: Multi-State Commuting Notaries – Colorado Notary Blog


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Source: Multistate Commuting Notaries – Colorado Notary Blog http://abclegaldocs.com/blog-Colorado-Notary/multi-state-commuting-notaries/... (Click on title to read FULL blog post.)

Uncontested Divorce Paperwork for Notary at Headquarters

A batch of divorce documents required multiple signatures by a notary on August 10, 2015. While most offices are winding down, GreenvilleNotary.com is TURNING UP! Having worked on the signer’s preliminary separation paperwork, Certified Notary Public Signing Agent Sonita Leak ... (Click on title to read FULL blog post.)

Notary for Paperwork Delivery

When performing work for a signing company, it is imperative that you conduct the initial confirmation call to the borrower or signer before going to the location of the signing. The reason you want to conduct a confirmation call is ... (Click on title to read FULL blog post.)

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