Notary Blog: Second Assignment on Behalf of Greater Good Co.

Do you have unclaimed funds in relation to a Probate situation?  If you have relatives who may have left you property, or their estate was sold and there was overage left unclaimed, the Greater Good Company may be able to … Continue reading

Notary for Unclaimed Goods Form and Info on Conducting a Search for Goods Yourself

A local resident called early on Tuesday, September 22, 2015 seeking notary assistance for after hours service. At 5:55pm, a House of Raeford Farms‘ employee arrived shortly after her shift to our Headquarters location for the signing of a State … Continue reading

Notary for Last Will and Testament Documents for a Local Couple in Greenville

It’s Summertime and we are seeing more of the Last Will and Testament, Five Wishes and other final wish documents coming across our desk.  Don’t think of having a will prepared as morbid.  What can be considered morbid is passing away … Continue reading