2014 Archive! 1-on-1 Interview | The Notary w/ Traci

Can you believe that two years ago, yes, even two years ago, I was talking about my NAPS?😝

Hey folks, check out my interview with the Great Traci Fant from 2014, keep in mind… the Notary Public Signing Agent Seminar in this broadcast has passed.
This broadcast will give you a basic overview of some of the information you’ll receive on April 4, 2016 at Care and Coffee!

After you check out the video, make sure you hit ‘SUBSCRIBE‘ to Traci’s Youtube Feed. You can find it directly by clicking HERE.

Host: Traci Fant
Co-Host: Julie Lewis
Interviewed: Sonita M. Leak, GreenvilleNotary.com Owner

Alternate Interviews: Marquis “ImperialMusic” Suber, Brandy Hunt, Bruce Wilson, JJ Dae

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