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Let your New Year’s Resolution be to get that Will or other important document notarized before it’s too late!  Whether you are as healthy as a “healthy” horse, or in poor health, whether monetarily wealthy or living from paycheck to paycheck – having a will or directive on what to do with your estate and assets may be something you’ll want to think about!  Call on GreenvilleNotary.com on New Year’s Day (January 1st) for a special rate for mobile service and notarization for a patient or resident in ANY Assisted Living, Nursing Facility or Hospice in Greenville, Easley, Simpsonville, Travelers Rest and additional travel discounts for outskirt areas.  864.214.6447.

Please be advised that if anyone residing in the above facilities is declared incapacitated by a resident social worker, member of nursing or administration staff; is declared as being under duress; appears under the influence of medication or has recently consumed medication; ummm, your notarization may not go down… Just saying.

Notary for Affidavit on behalf of Indian Resident Verifying Identity

I would like to take a moment to inform the public that in no way, shape or form is a Notary Public commissioned in the State of South Carolina allowed to notarize or certify an original, photocopy or otherwise a form of identification or document.  Our duty as notaries public is to verify the identity of the signer.  There have been several calls to our office in regard to notarizing and affixing a stamp or seal to a photocopy of an actual Birth Certificate, photocopies of such and photocopies of transcripts or other official records.  We cannot do this!

On the other hand, what we CAN do as Notaries Public is generate a Loose Acknowledgment form or Jurat in which the record-holder can pen an Affiant Statement and have this statement notarized.  For questions or concerns on this, please call 864.214.6447, however keep in mind we cannot offer legal advice on what TO DO, we can only tell you what we as Notaries Public can and cannot perform.

For the notaries performing these types of document notarizations, I beg of you, to save your licensure, please cease and desist.

So without further ado, we did in fact have an Affiant Statement attesting to a local resident’s relation to a Birth Certificate and Passport from India.  This notarization was performed off of Woodruff Road in Greenville, SC at approximately 11:00am.

Notary for Open Arms Hospice – A Bon Secours Facility for 2 Documents

Mid-morning GreenvilleNotary.com received a phone call from a State of Texas resident in regard to two documents, a Last Will and Testament and Durable Power of Attorney in need of witnessing and notarization at the Open Arms Hospice, A Bon Secours St. Francis Health System Facility located at 1836 West Georgia Road, Simpsonville, SC 29680.  At approximately 3:30pm, along with a witness summoned by the parties involved, Certified Notary Public Signing Agent Sonita M. Leak witnessed and notarized a Power of Attorney and a Testament document.

Sonita would like to thank the staff for being so professional during this family’s time of need and for all the assistance provided to carry this assignment through.

Have a Will, Power of Attorney (Durable, Health, Limited, Special or General), Decedent documents, Last Will and Testament or Executive Directive documents that needs notarization?  Call us… we can help! 864.214.6447