2021 Grief Seminar Recap | Thomas McAfee Funeral Homes

Thank you to Thomas McAfee Funeral Homes for inviting the public, those experiencing grief and those professionals who work with patients and the families of those who have died and are dying.

I would also like to thank the following,

Josh J. Masters – Associate Pastor of Brookwood Church, Simpsonville
Jay McAfee – CFO of Thomas McAfee Funeral Homes
Brenda Atkinson – Continuing Care Coordinator for Thomas McAfee Funeral Homes

Ushers & Sponsors

Also, thank you Dr. Bill Hoy for dedicating a few days out of your schedule to speak to those in attendance on ‘Making Sense of the Senseless and Finding Meaning in a Sometimes Meaningless/Uncertain World.

No one grieves the same.  What does that mean? When you experience a loss, YOU experience that loss.  No one else.  No one can tell you how to feel, how long to grieve.  How long it should take to recover from grief?

And do we recover at all?  We cope.  We struggle. However, as Dr. Hoy explained to us, we grieve for someone we’ve lost FOREVER.

It is how you handle that grief that matters.

Don’t be afraid to seek help during your time of grief.  It is never a good idea to grieve alone.

Thank you to Kelly & Karin Baltzell @keldigo who provided the inscriptions for the following literature pieces.  Your words were kind and endearing.

For more information and resources for those experiencing grief,  visit the Thomas McAfee grief resources by https://thomasmcafee.com/grief-resources/




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