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April 2010, my journey began. Fast forward to the present, 2017. It is now the monumental ‘Year 7′ of GreenvilleNotary.com  and it has been quite the venture.  As a mother, daughter, friend and confidante to many, family, my customers and my extended family, I love all of you and these past seven years would be nothing without you.

There is something that speaks for what has happened over the many years that GreenvilleNotary.com has been in business.  I began first performing the simplest of assignments, an acknowledgment here and there. Shortly after receiving my commission, I began tackling the more difficult assignments involving delivering documents to parties’ homes and workplaces on behalf of companies.

In February of 2012, I took my commission a step farther and became a Certified Notary Signing Agent, with specialities in protecting and securing documents, information and completing the most difficult of Signing Agent assignments.

It takes a deep moral obligation to do what we do as NSAs.  We are not only notarizing documents, we are holding someone’s keys to their home; we are holding the door open to vehicles; we are there when it’s time to prepare for the passing of a loved one, in time of death and loss,  and in many cases in vitality of life, birth.

I would like to commend others, just like me, who are out in the field to help those out there that use our services.

Hats off to you!

Bethinina Gary, Antron HoldenToi YoungSophia DanielsLarry JacksonVickie BeinekeKisha Smith, Rhonda Anthony, David M. Green, Dianna L. Hanson, Rochelle Marshall, La Sheenlaruba TyackeLucille Kehaunani MossmanCarrie RiveraCarol RayHerb WillisStuart F. BermanJennifer LomahanLester GardinerCullen J FrostLee BialostokDianna L. HansonJessie CalderonNotary Tim GatewoodTashia Tj JacksonEnna A. BachelorTrayce Carter RussellFelton HallLeeza Norris-JonesJerry RitterShannon ZiccardiDesmond O’ConnorMichelle MontemorraMelendez IvetteLaws AD NotaryJohn BowenMartin Renteria PIJoanne RezzinoMary PughLaShea MillerAnnette DonkerCynthia TempleYolanda Terrell ChevalierDonitrie Sanders Sr.George DoumanianWhiteside LoisYvonne LongAlexander ZaziDavid RevelsPertrina FultonRobert OwensRenee MinneciLynn Baldwin MurrayJulie BrickleyValise JacksonRaman PawarSaba JassimJonathan PrinceBW WilliamsAngelette JacksonTracee JordanLateefiah Bryant-BrownHercules H. HatzinasJenyfer RogersLaura BiewerFelicia JohnsonJessica Williams-DuckettWendy Pate ThomasDeborah HicksNicole A. PhillipsMichelle Griffin DenmarkLlona MurphyMarc V. RollinsJoyce D. HallCharmaine KeyWanda J MartinMary CarlisleAlan MurrayLise’ A DanielsTheresa M. Curtis-BarnesVashti Hale EncarnacionChris PoormanTerri Poster-TaylorJay SchankmanChris McClerklinSK WintersMonique BurkesCecilia AndorAntron HoldenDomi CalderonMichol A. BobbAntoinette J Patterson-Bailey.

And if I’ve left anyone off of this list, then charge it to my head and not to my heart.  I LOVE YOU ALL for the work that you do for your constituents in all of your respective states!


Sonita M. Leak
Owner, GreenvilleNotary.com

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