2015 Archive | Chaplain Witnessing and a Notary No-Go

I was in a rut to find a witness one day in November of 2015.  I ran into one potential witness and it was a no-go because she didn’t have her identification on her person.  Upstairs, downstairs, all around the building, to no avail.  Heaven sent an angel when one of the hospital Chaplains appeared at hospital room’s door on that evening. Truly Amazing. So this goes into the post…

Did you know that within the Prisma Health System, a chaplain is the ONLY employee within their facilities that can act as a witness on behalf of paperwork within needing signatures’ notarization?  Yes, it’s true, and he was a GOD-SEND considering the seemingly endless search conducted.

Due to privacy, there are no further details on the paperwork signed, however, we can tell you the signing (sans the search for a witness) took approximately 45 minutes. Why 45?  Well, let’s get into that as well…

(Please do not take the following as legal advice or advisement.)
When a signer is of sound mind, however, they are not fully aware of what is being presented before them, there are certain things a notary public should ask.  Every notary that visits a facility to sign, notarize or act as a witness, should be fully aware of their surroundings and prepared to tell a signer and/or family members “No.”  Not a hard “No,” of course, however, you shouldn’t skirt around the subject when a signer is clearly incapacitated or is not aware of what they are signing.

One of GreenvilleNotary.com Owner Sonita Leak’s tactics is to send ALL family members outside of the room.  Do not be afraid to do this.  This, at times, is a great way to rule out duress or coercion, another person forcing the issue for your signer to pen their name. Mind you, this is just one of the ways I (whoops) operate.

This signing was completed at Greenville Memorial Hospital, 701 Grove Road, Greenville, SC 29605. Thank you for all who attended and assisted.

Certified Notary Public Signing Agent Sonita M. Leak assisting.

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