Come Rain, Sleet or Snow… The Notary is In and Can Service Your Document!

Have you ever been in a situation where you drove around seeking a notary and none was available? Well, just so you know, unless I absolutely go friggin’ nuts, I will ALWAYS be available, come RAIN, SLEET or SNOW~ I notarize in the early hours and notarize in the evening. Basically, I notarize documents all day long. In this lovely State of South Carolina, I have the ability, without any additional licensure or certification, to marry couples as a Wedding and Marriage Officiant. I specialize in exigent circumstance, so if you have a document that you need to appear before a notary to sign (and even in some cases you sign it before you get to the notary), I can help you! Call 864.214.6447 for notary service today. ~ Sonita M. Leak, your State of South Carolina Notary Public

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