Do You Use a Notary Public Journal? Consider the Notary Act App and!

Although keeping a notary journal isn’t a requirement in the State of South Carolina, it is an excellent idea to get on the “management ball” and head over to!  Not only does Notary Act journal-ize your notarizations, you also have the ability to record the address of signer(s), location of the notarization, signer signatures, take pictures of identification or document and create date and contact information reports from your journal. Whether you a CPA with their notary commission or a notary who has NO CLUE about the tax and 1099 process, you can simply add your fees by creating a report!
You can take it from if you want, however, I encourage you to try the software for yourself.  Venture over to RIGHT NOW to take advantage of the free trial.  You will NOT be disappointed.

Question about, contact the sales team at 800-566-9769. You can also add Notary Act team on the social media channels below:

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