Today is the Last Day for Old Fee Schedule at Greenville County Register of Deeds Office

Planning on purchasing property and filing in Greenville County, South Carolina? Familiar with the filing fees normally associated with certain transactions?

Well, please be advised, those fees are changing as of August 1, 2019. You have access to the current fees by visiting the Greenville County Register of Deeds by clicking on this wording. You can visit the bill information associated with the new fee scale by Clicking HERE.

As of Wednesday, July 31st, the Greenville County Register of Deeds website displays the fees for recording as they are currently. Upon change of fees on August 1st, the page will be changed to reflect the new fee scale.

You can also find information on filing prerequisites on this page. To visit the Recording Requirements and Fees page directly, click on this wording or visit:

If you have any questions regarding the new fee scale, the office asks that you refer to their website rather than calling the office.

You can find the Greenville County Register of Deeds office also on Facebook. Click HERE.

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Sonita M. Leak

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