Happy Spring Break Greenville County Public Schools From Your Local Notary!

Children Greenville County-wide are excited to get an entire week off for Spring Break. Parents get ready, because the little ones will want to turn on the water hose, the teens will want to play video games ad-nauseum and raid the refrigerator.  I know, because I have some very avid “Spring-Breakers”!  We have a few words of wisdom for conserving during this seemingly loooong week of Spring Break (if you’re not traveling).

1) Now is a good time to teach children about energy conservation and the thermostat control.  Teach them to open curtains or blinds instead of turning the heat on as the temperature still remains in the medium levels.

2) Unplug unused electrical items.  Although your plugged in radio, blender, stereo system, etc., might be off, if it is plugged in, there is still electrical current running through it.  Just a thought, unplugging unused electrical items WILL, over time, save you loads of money in the long run.

3) Walk and play.  As children are out of school for this week, they will want to go places. Although safety is a growing concern nationwide, we must still motivate our children to walk and/or play outside.  This is a great time to teach safety precautions as well.  When teaching my children the right and wrong way to deal with strangers, I offer role plays, in other words, I play the bad person, watch their reactions, then come back and tell them what they did RIGHT in the interaction, what they did that could use some brushing up on, and take additional steps to ensure they know what to do when they are faced with strangers with ill-intent.

For more Spring Break words of advice, navigate HERE. Additional activities provided by Kidding Around Greenville and Author Bethany Winston who can be reached at kiddingaroundsc@gmail.com

Article by Certified Notary Public Signing Agent Sonita M. Leak of GreenvilleNotary.com


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