Happy Valentine’s Day from Me to You! ~ Sonita M. Leak

I would like to wish all couples I’ve married, couples of the vows I’ve renewed and all couples I’ve served in my tenure here at Weddings by Sonita a Happy Valentine’s Day! Today, I would like for you all to look back on how you came to meet, why you decided to become one and focus on what steps you should follow to stay as one.

In a world full of strife, grief, ignorance and hate, today (as should everyday) should be a day of love, honor and upholding what you see as true and honorable.

There are couples that are going through rough times, and for those, I say be strong, stay strong, fight for what you know is worth the fight. Lay down those things that are not worth the fight. Sometimes you have to give up things ‘you’ as a person hold dear as a sacrifice for what ‘is’ actually worth it.

I leave you all with love today. Cherish each moment. I know that sounds cliche-ish, but it is definitely a phrase to go by.

May you all go in peace today. And again, Happy Valentine’s Day!


Sonita M. Leak
Your Wedding Notary

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