I9 Authorization | West End Greenville, SC

“It pays to be able to work my schedule around life and not for my life to work around my schedule.”

As a freelance notary public who sets her own hours, Oh, Happy “International Women’s Day“, by the way… As I was saying, as a freelance notary public, I have the pleasure of working exactly the hours I want to work. So when a caller called into our notary close to time for ‘Mommy Duty’, I knew that time was of the essence.

Therefore an I9 Authorization HAPPENED! Usually this notary public isn’t in a rush; nonetheless, we were able to fit our customer in shortly beforehand. The IRS I-9 form is a form which must be completed or is authorized by an Authorized Representative (could be a company representative or notary public and in some states some other type of professional). Along with the form, the signer produced photocopies of his original documents. Know that as a notary public in the State of South Carolina, we are 100% not allowed to notarize on photocopies of documents. We can, however,  produce an affidavit or jurat affiant statement where the signer themselves can attest and affirm that the original document or photocopy thereof is in fact theirs.

Due to privacy concerns, the location of the signing will not be disclosed. Again ladies, “Happy International Women’s Day”! Assignment conducted by me, GreenvilleNotary.com Owner and Signing Agent, Sonita M. Leak

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