In the Notary, Real Estate or Mortgage Industry? Give Page Separator Pro a Try!

Printing documents is part of my life.  If you are a fellow Notary Signing Agent, a Real Estate Agent or Mortgage Broker, then you feel the pain of having to separate letter from legal-size pages.  If you are in a hurry, it can be even THAT MORE stressful!  Enter Page Separator Pro, software that will make separating those pages a breeze.  There is no way for me to show you the benefits, however, I will tell you that I recently worked on two projects where the companies called me at the 11th hour.  Both packages were 100+ pages and because they were oversight for refinance transactions, I had to print each package twice.  It would have been a blessing for all the legal-sized pages to be in the front, right?!?! Unfortunately, there are many instances where these pages are located deep within the document.  Page Separator Pro came through like the champion the program is!  Make it on time? Yes, and with bells on (not really)…

Now, I could just sit here and tell you how great the program is, however, I’m not like that. When you open the Page Separator Pro program, you browse and open the file you desire to separate.  You press the ‘Separate’ button and the letter pages and legal pages are placed in two separate files right in the interface!  Open up the one you want, print it accordingly.  Open the other file and do the same. Voila!

Now that YOU know what Page Separator Pro does, you need to virtually run and get your own copy.

Smooches ~ Sonita
Your friendly, neighborhood Certified Notary Public Signing Agent


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