A Morning Marriage Ceremony and Evening Engagement

The earlier ceremony on Friday April 8, 2016, involved a couple, who upon meeting two years ago, knew it would come to today.  The ceremony was beautiful.  The ceremony was located in Legacy Park, 336 Rocky Slope Rd, Greenville, SC 29607.  The nuptials were conducted by GreenvilleNotary.com Owner and Wedding Notary Sonita M. Leak.  Photography for the couple by Kingdomatik Vizionz‘s Mersy Williams.

On the way to marry a young couple in Falls Park on the  with family surrounded, a lovely sight to see at Falls Park on the Reedy  was at one of Wedding Notary Sonita Leak’s favorite marriage locations. As the notary and wedding party approached, a couple appeared to be enjoying themselves immensely.  We haven’t seen many proposals at the park (this would be our second), so this was definitely a surprise.

In all, GreenvilleNotary.com Owner Sonita M. Leak conducted two wedding ceremonies on today, Friday, April 8, 2016. Photo on post garnered from the Spill the Beans’ Instagram page. And why the photo of ice cream cones? I’m enjoying some ice cream in this lovely weather RIGHT NOW as we speak. They serve that too!

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