Mothers in Business with Children, You are Not a Liability

You saw the baby on her hip and when it came down to business, you discounted her. As her brood grew, you had even more misconceptions about her abilities.

Her house grew and it became more and more difficult. More and more difficult to prove her point to the world. To try to make a difference in the world, to show the world that her seeds were SOLID seeds and that they would not fall by the wayside, nor be buried and forgotten.

Her path was not easy, her path grew her honor, justification and more righteously, self-confidence.

This is not about me, but about those women ALL OVER THE WORLD who have children and started their businesses with children. Those women who had to prove that their motherhood would not get in the way of what they were to achieve. Women, that had to claw their way through rhetoric and taboos and had to face unfair systems in their neighborhoods, their towns, cities and in their states.

Tip your hat to yourself. Thank God for your abilities. For those who don’t see you, they just won’t. For us, it’s not about people-pleasing or kissing up, it’s about business.

Don’t back down. Keep your laurels about you and KEEP DOING IT!

Sonita M. Leak
Owner of and

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