Need SC Notary Law? Reference

I get posed the questions a lot, “How do I become a Notary Public?” Also, “How do I know what we’re doing today is a valid notarial act?”

It’s easy to say in reply, “Consult your attorney.” Buuuuuut, did you know that there is a COMPLETE State of South Carolina Notary Public Manual easily accessible by visiting the South Carolina Secretary of State’s website? Yes, there is.

When I became a Notary in 2010, the Notary Public Manual was an invaluable resource, as it included our rules and regulations of our moral, ethical and protocol obligations to the public.

Fast forward four (4) years. In June of 2014, Secretary of State Mark Hammond’s Notary and Apostilles’ Division created a new manual based on changes in the notarial law.

You can also become a Commissioned Notary Public by visiting the Application/Renewal Form sections on the site.

If you were reading this post and figured you would go directly to the sections referenced on, you were just being lazy. There are none- All links on this page go to the main page ONLY!

So this is a resource on where you can find information on performing notarial acts and what you need to become a Notary in the State of South Carolina.

None of the information contained herein should be construed as legal advice or advisement.

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