New Blog Post: Notary for Affidavit Side of Swearing-in Ceremony for Hearing

So what do you do when you have two notaries on stand-by for a hearing and they BOTH show up?  Well, one swears the party in of course, and the other (that would be Certified Notary Signing Agent and Owner Sonita M. Leak), she completes the jurat (or written oath statement) and notarizes it.

On Wednesday, February 25, 2015, both Trisha M. Thomas, Notary and Court Reporter Extraordinaire and Sonita M. Leak arrived for a private swearing-in ceremony conducted in the 29615 area of Greenville, SC. It doesn’t take two notaries to swear in a party to a deposition via teleconference, therefore, Ms. Thomas completed the swearing-in and Ms. Leak witnessed and notarized the jurat/affidavit of the deposer.

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