New Blog Post: Notary for Power of Attorney Document at Diamond Health & Rehab, Simpsonville

Notaries, whenever relatives or loved ones call from an assisted living facility you MUST carefully pay attention to the situation at hand.  Duress is real and it occurs often. Duress, considered (citing’s Notary Glossary) constraint by threat, or coercion.

On Wednesday, March 4, 2015, Certified Notary Public Signing Agent Sonita M. Leak was called at approximately 6:00pm to act as a second witness and notarize a South Carolina Health Care Power of Attorney at Diamond Health and Rehabilitation in Simpsonville, SC 29681.  Before completing a notarization of this type in a rehab center, we consult with various members of staff to ensure the competency and capacity of the principal to sign.  The perks of calling!  Call us today for fast, efficient, convenient service… 864.214.6447

Diamond Health and Rehabilitation is a Covenant Dove Facility.

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