New Year 2017 from your Greenville Notary!

2017 is here and it is a time for renewal, for looking back at 2016 and reflecting on the happenings of the year’s past.  It’s a time not to just look at the past year’s events, it is a time to press forward with forward thinking.  At times, thinking forward is difficult for some of us, especially when traumatic and catastrophic events occurred.

Thinking positive thoughts and contemplating and crafting how you will operate in 2017 will help you greatly. Need a helping hand on organizing your life?  Without therapy or any major emotional assistance, I can give you but one point of advice:


Over time, I have learned that our brains (mine especially) are not made to store information.  As I tell others during meetings and conferences, begin slowly.  Write down appointments and meetings.  As you go along, begin writing down your regularly scheduled patterns, if you have not formed a specific and ‘wanted’ habit, writing your goal down daily and carrying it out will help you realize this habit, as you continue to remind yourself ‘in writing’ on a daily basis of the event.

Some would think that writing down everything they are to do on a daily basis would be a little tedious and seem daunting, but I will tell you personally that it WORKS WONDERS!  I found that, when I blocked out and scheduled my time, it left tons of free time.  You have much more time than you realize you have.

One other daily activity I’ve cut out of the spectrum is watching television.  I have my own reasons for that.  If you’d like to know, I have an entire personal conversation for that.

Have a great 2017, and may you be well within it.


Your Local Greenville Notary Public,

Sonita M. Leak

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