NNA 2019 Workshop | Promote Your Notary Business by Serving Distinct Areas of your Community (Business Skills)

NNA 2019 Conference Workshops are in full swing! For the second and final day of workshops, I sit in on Jamie Liggins of, Brenda Charles-Edwards of Black Orchid Notary, Crystal Whiteside Lemon of C&L Mobile Notary Service, LLC and Judith P. Lawrence of Center City Notary, LLC.

Over the various workshops that are available to notaries public during the conference, the workshop these four ladies present today is important to ingest if you are either having issues gaining a customer base, are attempting to bolster your business in the community or in finding ways to reach out to new groups to target when promoting your notary business.

If you are in attendance to the National Notary Association Conference and didn’t get a chance to sit in on this particular workshop, make sure you download the app associated with the conference and you can get the notes direct.

If you are a notary public and are not in attendance this week, make sure you attend next year in order to not only meet other notaries public in service across the country, but to soak in as much information about your day-to-day duties as a public servant.

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Sonita M. Leak

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