NNA 2019 Workshop | Remote Online Notarization with Jacqueline A. Phillips of Notarize

For the last workshop series of NNA Conference 2019, I sat in for the Notarize.com-sponsored ‘Discovering How Online Notarization Works’.

Being from a state, South Carolina, that does not allow remote nor online notarization, I wanted to gain more knowledge on the process. As an outside notary looking in, I’ve been told about good aspects of the remote and online processes and I’ve been told not so positive things.

Why would it be important for a notary from a state that does not allow these processes yo do on on a workshop like this?

Several reasons. One reason is to come from some standpoint of knowledge for future push in change of state law when it comes to incorporating these types of notarizations into your states notarial rules.

Another, when a notary you mentor asks about remote or online notarization, although not available in your state, you can produce non-biased explanation of each process.

For those in attendance to NNA 2019, you can get more information on the workshop on the NNA 2019 app.

Presenting –

Jacqueline A. Phillips

Training & Compliance Manager, Notarize

As per the National Notary Association website, Jacqueline Phillips serves as the head of training and compliance at Notarize, founded in 2015, the leading e-notarization platform utilized by thousands of consumers and businesses. She has more than 16 years of experience as a commissioned Notary Public and is responsible for onboarding, training and maintaining quality control for the Notary Ops division—one of the most critical functions in the company. Rated as one of the top managers at Notarize, her experience, guidance, and knowledge of notarial law is what makes Notarize the #1 rated electronic notarization service available today. Jacqueline started her own traditional notarization business in 2012, The Company 4U LLC, and has been training and mentoring Notaries ever since.

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  1. Hello Ms. Phillips. Thank you for the information. I am a new notary. I am also from South Carolina. I would like to know more about training to become a signing agent in South Carolina. Can you give me any information on this.

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