NNA Hotline Tip: Is This A Document That I Should Notarize?

Hotline Tip: Is This A Document That I Should Notarize?

A client presented me with a Claim of Mechanics Lien form and asked if it required notarization. Is this a document I should notarize, and, if so, which signature(s) are notarized, and what type of notarization is required? – K.F., Kansas City, KS

Notaries cannot determine or advise clients as to whether a document needs to be notarized, whose signature needs to be notarized, or what kind of notarization would be required for a document. If there isn’t any notarial wording on the document that would indicate what type of notarization the document requires, then the principal signer would have to tell the Notary what kind of notarization he or she needs. He or she would also have to know which signatures require notarization. If the principal signer is not sure what kind of notarization the document requires or whose signature is required on the document, the principal signer should contact either the receiving or issuing agency to find out answers to these questions.

Hotline answers are based on the laws in the state where the question originated and may not reflect the laws of other states. If in doubt, always refer to your own state statutes. – The Editors


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