Notary for 11-Page Document and Credit Card Service | Coffee Underground

A Very Important Document was previously signed by a local resident, however, they did not realized that their signatures required notarization.  Have no fear signer, is here.  Sign on a Sunday, yes, it’s a given, we do that.  But notarize on a document that was already signed?  Well, there are additional steps you must take in order to accomplish the task.  It involves things like, oaths, affirmations and/or jurat affiant statements.

Along with the service provided here, the local signer was also able to pay for their notary services by credit/debit.  This option has been available through for the past four (4) years.  You don’t have to stop at the ATM before service, don’t you dare!  Just come and have your document notarized and pay easily and quickly through Square.

Paying by cash?  Have no fear on not having a paper trail.  With Square, we have the ability to issue a receipt ON THE SPOT.  We aim to take care of your needs.  Call 864.214.6447 for notary service today.

Today’s signing occurred at Coffee Underground, 1 E. Coffee Street, Greenville and was conducted by Owner and Certified Notary Public Signing Agent Sonita M. Leak.

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