Sonita M. Leak’s Notary Blog: Notary for Oversight w/ Attorney-in-Fact Signing at Buffalo Wild Wings, Woodruff Road

“During the signing, there were spurts of game-watching…”

Don’t ever say that our notary signing agency service didn’t leave the light on for you. A signing that was originally set to take place earlier in the day stretched its way on out to the late evening. Due to a hiccup in receiving documents on time, an out-of-state refinance transaction date-sensitive for Wednesday, March 23, 2016 didn’t go sour. Meeting with the out-of-state resident on their time meant heading over to Buffalo Wild Wings where the signer was able to enjoy March Madness

In times such as these, it’s great to have a great sense of humor. During the signing there were spurts of ‘game watching’, ‘fist throwing’ and team revelry. Just kidding, there was no fist-throwing as transactions such as these can take in the realm of 2-3 hours.

What compounded the signing was the fact that the signer appearing before me acted in the capacity of Attorney-in-Fact for their spouse.

In the case where you, as a notary, have an instance where a signer is signing on behalf of another party, the title, signing company or law firm you assist may state specifically how they are to sign, initial, etc. on the documents. See my example below of how I inform them to sign if the instructions from the company are not specifically stated:

Example: Reggie Jackson is signing for his wife Sloan Jackson

How Reggie Signs (In cursive handwriting) – Sloan Jackson, by Reggie Jackson, her Attorney-in-Fact
How Reggie Prints – Sloan Jackson, by Reggie Jackson, her Attorney-in-Fact
How Reggie Initials – SJ by RJ, her AIF

For more examples on how Agents sign on behalf of their Principals based on a Power of Attorney situation, you can go HERE. *Link provided by LegalZoom.

This signing was conducted at Buffalo Wild Wings, 1125 Woodruff Rd Suite 1300, Greenville, SC 29607. Signing conducted by me, Sonita M. Leak of

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